About us

Cedrela growth promotion by an AM fungusRoot organ culture experimental productionHaving worked with arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi, which promote plant growth and performance, for more than 20 years we opened a research-based branch to promote the use of AM fungi in science.

AM fungi are highly significant for the life of most land-plants and therefore must be respected in many scientific approaches regarding, e.g., plant nutrition, ecology, photosynthesis and productivity. Nevertheless, including AM fungi in scientific approaches was for a long time hampered by the unavailability of standardized and high quality AM fungal inoculum. We try to fill this gap and moreover offer a set of research related services that facilitate the set up, support, and analyses of your experiments or applications.

There is no doubt that AM fungi are crucial components for plant productivity. As an example, the image at the left shows the enormous effect of AM fungal inoculation on a tropical tree species used for timber production (+AMF = treatments where AM fungi were used as inoculum). A better understanding of the AM symbiosis therefore helps to explore the role which these fungi play for human life and nutrition and for terrestrial ecosystems in general. Our AM fungi for research are of highest quality. The products are produced under sterile conditions using in vitro ROC (root organ culture) production systems (the image on the right shows part of our experimental laboratory scale production). Thus, they do not contain any other active material or organisms except the AM fungi and their host plant. Moreover, we provide well characterized fungi that have already been successfully applied and tested not only in laboratories but also in the field.

In April 2012 we started to also offer larger scale inoculum for end-consumers, bulk-customers and agriculture. From 2014-2018 agricultural and home-user products were marketed by a partner company, since 2019 we again provide such materials again (www.mykorrhiza-produkte.com, in German). Please inquire if you are interested in such material.

What we offer

sample imagein vitro produced AM fungi are available as dry or semi-dry powder, with long shelf-life of 6-12 months. We have tested dried material for 24 months, about from that time-pont activity started to decrease, but we specify this as 12 montsh shelf-life.

Our fungi are quality controlled for viability and root-colonization potential. We can also provide large quantities (e.g. for field experiments or application, see above).

Where we deliver

sample imageWe deliver to research laboratories worldwide (currently Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, South America, U.S.A.), for basic and applied research.

We accept purchase on account for established institutions, but note that we may request (part) payment through PAYPAL or bank transfer in advance for new or outside Europe customers, which has to include applying customs- and bank-fees.


sample imageThe identity of the AM fungi we offer is verified by DNA based phylotaxonomic classification.

This ensures that you get what you expect. We have limited the isolates offered to the "model-fungi", as demand for other fungi is currently too limited to allow economic production. 


sample imageQuality and detailed characterization of the in vitro produced, contamination free AM fungi offered are unique.

The AM is a basic natural principle crucial for the performance and existence of land plants. We are scientists convinced of its impact on future sustainable agriculture and human nutrition.