Frequently asked questions

sample imageWe are here opening a FAQ section - starting with some very general questions. Once there are frequent questions from customers we publish them here and/or implement the information, which may have been lacking, on our web-pages. We are therefore happy about feedback. For more information, please view the Getting Started page.

How much to apply in my experiment?

This can only be answered when knowing your demands. Fast colonization (many primary infections needed) requires high inoculation strength, later the system is "saturated" (secondary infections). Inoculation in a planting hole provides higher initial concentrations than a homogenous mixture in the substrate, etc. In a 'normal' soil you may often have 10-80 AMF spores per milliliter, as an indication, whereas some agricultural soils may be AMF depleted.

What is the minimal order size?

We accept small orders, but only for selected products. Small orders cause considerable shipping costs and handling and administrative effort, therefore prices must be significantly higher. Thus, for larger orders the price per propagule is lower.

Can I publish details regarding the used fungi?

Yes, we will provide you with data regarding origin, classification, and other issues, as far as known. Some data will be presented at this web-site, but some will be exclusively provided to customers (e.g. DNA sequencing raw data, recent results, etc.).

Need help or customized services?

We may offer a set of customized services for your needs. Please also inquire for B2B and OEM mycorrhizal fungi containing product development.

We have partners supplying agricultural markets, also in large scales.

Are your research products available anywhere else?

We are exclusive sellers of research-grade formulations offered here. 

Why you send your products in plastic bottles, bags or pouches?

The products must be protected from humidity. If the product gets wet or humid, the fungal spores may become active and germinate. The materials chosen are eco-friendly.

Can I get sample packages?

You may inquire for tests samples, however, we will keep the sizes small
You may order small packages for more comprehensive tests.  

Can I get lyophilized AM fungi?

No. We have tested lyophilized and deep temperature vacuum dried spores, with very mixed results. We do not offer such material.